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Donations for the Victims in Lombok and Sulawesi

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Donations for the Victims in Lombok and Sulawesi

Donations for the Victims in Lombok and Sulawesi

While we are still busy trying to recover from the effects of the earthquake in Lombok a couple of weeks ago, now suddenly we are again hit by a large earthquake with a tsunami, this time in Central Sulawesi. This new disaster has affected our brothers and sisters in different regions; Palu City, Donggala, Sigi, Mamuju and the surrounding areas.

Only to Allaah, the Exalted, we ask for help and protection.

The joint committee for the victims of the earthquakes in Lombok and Sulawesi calls on the Muslims to:

  1. To provide assistance to the Muslims in the areas affected by the earthquakes, both morally and materially.
  2. Help with collecting donations for the affected Muslims.
  3. The collection of donations is done according to the continuation of the program with which donations for the victims of the earthquake in Lombok were collected.
  4. Donations that were previously only intended for the restoration of Lombok, per-21 Muharram 1440 H/1 October 2018, are used for the victims in Lombok and Sulawesi. The program is now called DONATIONS FOR VICTIMS IN LOMBOK AND SULAWESI.

May the Muslims in the areas struck by the earthquakes be patient with what they are being tested with and may they remain steadfast in their faith.

Donations for the victims in Lombok and Central Sulawesi can be transferred to:

  1. Bank Mandiri (Indonesia): 161 000 467 6446
    ✍ T.n.v Taufik Ali Syammach
  2. ABNAMRO Bank: NL 74 ABNA 049 29 19 763
    ✍ to Stijn Adriaansen

Confirmation of transfer can go to:

  1. Taufik Syammach +62 81834 7676
  2. Stijn Adriaansen +62 812 1709 2080
  3. Email: pedulibencana2018@gmail.com

Sincerely, the Joint Committee for the Victims of the Earthquakes in Lombok and Sulawesi (Yayasan Darul Hadith Lombok and Yayasan Miratsul Anbiya Palu together with the community of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah Indonesia)

Under the guidance of the following asaatidzah:
Ustadz Ihsan
Ustadz Abdurrahman Mubarak
Ustadh Abu Hafsh Umar
Ustadz Abu Ibrahim
Ustadz Aslam
Ustadz Abu Umar Ibrahim
Ustadz Muhammad Sarbini
Ustadz Abdurrahman Lombok
Ustadz Usamah Mahri
Ustadz Muhammad as-Sewed
Ustadz Qomar Suaidi
Ustadz Luqman Ba’abduh
Ustadz Afifudin
And other asatidzah.

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